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'Mommy', Breezy and Angel, and yes, they are in little dresses.

LuAnn Cibik

Inner Harmony

825 Lovers Leap Rd

Leechburg PA 15656



In Wellington New Zealand, where we had a gorgeous day for Interior Alignment training on the beach.


Below, is graduate Sharon building her medicine wheel for meditation!


"She teaches people to see the beauty in their own souls and then express it in their environment."

- Dirce Johnson 


Hi! My name is LuAnn Cibik, 

and I'm delighted that you are visiting my website.  I believe it's no accident that you are here... and I'm delighted that we are connecting, in this energy world of the internet!

Becoming a feng shui consultant and educator was a part of a long journey. I was always experimenting with color and rearranging my rooms as a child. Growing up, I was always intrigued with astrology, oracle cards, and the world of the metaphysical, as well as art and design. I'm blessed that I can incorporate all of these into my work. I have been a full time professional feng shui consultant and teacher since 2002. Prior to that, I have over 20 years in the Information Technology field, as a programmer, and manager; for both small companies and large healthcare organizations. I loved my job, but the day came where I knew that I wanted to offer so much more, and really follow my passions in life. I started Inner Harmony, and never looked back!

The journey to become an Interior Alignment® Practitioner and then Master Educator began in 1999. I continued to add to my knowledge base with a Holistic Color Therapeutics for the Home certification from IBIS and certified Medical Qigong Therapist.

I have studied both eastern and western astrology and find it's interplay of understanding people and how they relate to each other and their environments fascinating. It assists me in helping you understand your home and where you live at a deeper level through your astrological archetypes and also the art of Astrocartogrpahy.

In my learning journey, I have been blessed to have studied aromatherapy with Taoist priest Jeffery Yuen, and it's uses for both metaphysical as well as medicinal effects.

I love to create art and jewelry, and use this love in my Sacred Circles Jewelry line, that incorporates intention, feng shui and shiny things.

I practice yoga, t'ai chi, and all forms of dance as well as meditation and teach these whenever I can! As a Taoist Yoga instructor I continue to teach at local senior centers, and offer Inner Goddess Bellydance and Yoga workshops throughout the year.

I became a Certified Soul Coach® since 2003, and have worked with people all over the world in this unique coaching process that allows you to find and live your dream. Following this I have also become a Gateway Dreaming® Coach, and an Master Oracle Card Reader ( all through Denise Linn), as a way to continue to blend all the things that fascinate me into ways of assist other people to dream and create beautiful energy in their lives as well.

My office and classes are based at Inner Strength, Health and Wellness Center, a sweet place in rural Pennsylvania that my husband and I own and operate. My husband, Ted, is a doctor of Chinese Medical QiGong, and our center offers everything from treatment of chronic pain to martial arts classes.

Here at Inner Strength, I'm still in IT support. I also maintain this geek aspect with my love of computers by designing websites for companies that I am proud to support; blending my art, graphics, feng shui understanding and corporate marketing understanding to help my clients.

I'm also proud to have been chosen by Denise Linn to be an active member of the Foundation Council for Interior Alignment® since 2004, and the webmaster for and  I have had the honor of working as Denise Linn’s workshop assistant and also as conference organizer for three  'Weekend of Miracles' workshops, and the IA 2007 and 2009 conferences. I am also past member of the Planning Board for the International Feng Shui Guild, from 2006-2007 roles of Governance Committee Chair and Technology Director. I've been a member of the Home Staging Resources group since 2006, and have been an affiliate member of my local Real Estate professional group. I'm a member of my local Strongland Chamber of Commerce, Women's Business Network and the Armstrong Tourist Bureau. I believe that a professional in their field stays connected with their peers, and supports and applauds their success!

Since becoming a consultant and teacher, I have been blessed to have just the best clients and students from all over the world. By using the internet, Skype and other tools, I have coached and trained people in Japan, Italy, Canada, new Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, San Salvador, Brazil, and other lovely places on Mother Earth. This past year I taught certification and enrichment workshops in both Australia and New Zealand, and every so often I venture to different spots in the US for course and events.

My background in Chinese Medicine and philosophy, feng shui and the professional business aspects in these alternative fields gives me a  unique advantage as a Feng Shui and Space Clearing educator and consultant. By understand the concepts of Chinese medicine and energetic influences on the body, I can help you gain knowledge in valuable exercises and practices for building your own chi and developing chi sensitivities.  In feng shui, the art of creating your sacred soul space is about using all your senses to create a thoughtful space to live and love.

When you are looking for a teacher, coach or a consultant, you know instinctually who the 'right one' is for you. I hope I have given you some insight to my background and loves, and perhaps we have a lot in common!

I hope we get to chat. I look forward to helping you find

Your Inner Harmony! 

Please contact me at  or

give me a call at 724-316-2428.


"LuAnn Cibik is a Master Educator of Interior Alignment. She has the distinction of being a member of part of the small select group of worldwide Interior Alignment Instructors.

LuAnn has the remarkable ability to guide her students gently yet powerfully into the ancient traditions of Space Clearing and Feng Shui. She supports her students to reach their deepest potential"

-Denise Linn, Founder of Interior Alignment and Soul Coaching

My wonderful teacher and friend Denise Linn

When I'm not working with clients,


I'm playing with my beloved fur babies. 

I have two adorable Pomeranians

named Angel and Breezy,

 a sweet mixed breed dog named Princess Foo Dog, and our newest member, Jodi the Miniature Schnauzer.


 Tinkerbell , Kali, Al and Oastar are the cats and rounds out the petting zoo here on

our 30 acres home.


I also love our resident deer, turkey, bunnies, foxes and other wild critters that wander about in the fields and forest.

me and my



Jet left this earthly plane

in 2010,

but his funny bunny

energy lives on

 in my heart!


My classes in the Western PA area offer me and my student the opportunity to enjoy the energy of the local rivers, waterfalls, meadows and woodlands. For select courses we also have field trips to places such as Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater, or other spots that enhance the ability to learn more about energy by feeling it.