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~ Blessings and Ceremony ~

There are those important turning points in life that deserve a blessing or release ceremony in order to usher in a new way of being.

What is a Home Blessing or ceremony?

This is a spiritual non-denominational service that can clear the energy of a space, and then call in the energy of this new way of being. There ceremony can honor the essence of things of the past, and the blessings ask for the assistance of the Divine to call in the kind of new life desired.

Times in life that are appropriate for a Home Blessing ceremony:

  • New baby
  • New Home
  • New Career
  • New Romance or Marriage
  • New Healthy life patterns
  • Divorce
  • Illness or Trauma
  • Death
  • Career or Job loss

The ceremony we craft together would be something you and I perform together. I would also teach you how to clear the energy of your home or space, and would would do this process together. This service include the cost of all the essentials needed to create the beautiful home altar, such as flowers, stones and other other objects that you would be able to keep to preserve the energy of the blessing in your home.

It would be my honor to uplift the energy of your space. I also provide Essential Space Clearing, that involves you at a deeper level, by teaching you how to clear your space using oils, incense and mudras.


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Please contact me at 724-316-2428 or email me at luann@inner-harmony.org.