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Student experiences at Inner Harmony


"LuAnn is a wonderful Interior Alignment® teacher, not only because her knowledge and wisdom in the subject is second to none, but because she made it so simple for me to grasp, understand and then apply to my life.  

Through working with LuAnn, my life has changed around in so many ways, and that was just in the first course!  I recommend LuAnn and Inner Harmony as the best place for your Interior Alignment® training!"


~Terry Bowen,

Mystic, Spiritual Medium, Coach and Interior Alignment Practitioner

Advanced IA practitioner/ MWFS Oct 2010


Terry and LuAnn, Oct 2010

"LuAnn was my Master Teacher for Interior Alignment Instinctive Feng Shui and is an expert in the subject! She created a loving learning environment for our group, continues to serve as mentor and more importantly has become a friend.

 LuAnn is supportive, inspirational, interesting and shares her wisdom graciously. She generously supports the Soul Coaching and Interior Alignment communities in numerous ways and I am glad to have met her.

I highly recommend LuAnn and look forward to the next opportunity to advance my skills under her leadership."

~ Kelly Chamchuck, CPFS Owner of Luma Soul


LuAnn and Kelly,  2011




I loved learning it all and had a fun week.

Right from the get go LuAnn's intention was as she said "to be the best teacher I can be" and she surely did that.

LuAnn did an incredible job of teaching and incorporating my intentions into the training which made it a very powerful and one-of-a-kind experience for me. She effortlessly taught me the new material and how to assist my clients while working parallel with my intentions and helping me power up.

Dawn Gettig & LuAnn

AIA/MWFS Aug 2009

LuAnn's training helped me clearly see how to strengthen my weaknesses and increase my wisdom and strengths in turn helping my clients more. I had many Ah Ha moments and attribute that to LuAnn's intuitive ability to tune into my needs and my vision of my path. The whole week, many questions I had and ideas seemed to fit together like a puzzle which amazed me. I gained greater clarity and empowerment due to the program and LuAnn's teaching abilities.

Denise's new material and LuAnn's teaching of it took me to a deeper level of understanding nature, energy, guides, Synchro-Alignments, how to help my clients and on and on. I loved learning the shamanistic journey and I adore my beautiful, powerful Native American drum... a gift from IA.

My already close connection to nature just got deeper and even more magical. I have come out of this training a new person with new strong tools to work with. I feel more powerful which is a blessing.

I am so grateful to Interior Alignment and Denise Linn and to my teacher LuAnn. Thank You, Thank You! "

~ Dawn Gettig

GAIA Design

AIA/MWFS, Aug 2009


LuAnn is a wonderful teacher. She has a deep understanding of Interior Alignment and presents the material in an easy to follow manner. Her enthusiasm and her generosity make it a joy to work with her. I am delighted with the results of studying with her and would do it again in the future. I would also recommend her as a Interior Alignment

(Feng Shui) consultant."

~ Liz Rowell,

Soul Coach and CPIA

The Creative Soul


"LuAnn is an amazing teacher. I received my Advanced Interior Alignment Certificate from her in 2006 and she continues to be there for me with love and support. Those who receive her services will experience a blessed sparkle."


~ Dana Neimack, AIA


Owner Free Spirited Living and

Now and Then Boutique




"LuAnn was my first teacher in Interior Alignment.

She made learning sooooo much fun !!!
She is a delightful, joyful, caring, attentive and thorough teacher. I loved being her student. "
~ Astrid, CPIA, AIA

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with was one of the best gifts I gave to myself. LuAnn is a wonderful mentor and teacher who is full of knowledge and wisdom. I gratefully appreciate the loving support and fun times we shared."
~ Lori Anthony, CPIA


Lori with her feng shui client during her intensive training in Leechburg =>

"LuAnn is extremely knowledgeable, extraordinarily loving and generous and deeply committed teacher who helped me find and achieved my heart's desires." 


~Judy Chang, CPIA, Soul Coach


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