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   Client Testimonials



"It was great having you out to the farm today. I'm feeling very glad and grateful that we were able to change the energy of the house to one of openness and inviting in the newness of my family.


I felt the different levels of energy every bit as much as the house did. "


M. S.



"You can't imagine how reassuring it is to have your guidance on this project.  Thank you.  The personalized gift is a reflection of how caring you are. 

Thank you."



Hi, LuAnn,

Marc and I were so impressed with you, not only as a feng shui consultant but also as a person with  generosity of spirit, and we were so happy to have you visit our home. We found the information you gave us both fascinating and empowering and are excited to begin manifesting your suggestions for this phase.

I was particularly touched by your suggestion about the shadowbox, paint sample chip mosaic, and crystal.  That feels like the perfect way to honor Ron's memory and contribution, and I thank you.

As you can see, we are just getting started here, and are looking forward to more visits with you.  Meeting you feels like an answer to a prayer for me, it really does.  Thank you, LuAnn.

We would be delighted to send you the "before" and "after" pictures you requested, and Marc will send the first batch separately.

Best wishes and much gratitude.


"I have so much to update you on! 

Since I moved my furniture on my front porch I have had company over twice and everyone hung out on the front porch! 

We had our third anniversary of living here and most of the time people do not enjoy sitting out there.  Just changing the configuration seemed to make a difference.  I am slowly getting things organized and making changes....but it is all good!

Thanks again"

"Energy is shifting and I don't understand it yet.  I couldn't sleep last night until 3 a.m. which is HIGHLY unusual for me.  I got up at 7:30 a.m. and have been going strong.
Thank you for the listen.  There is probably more I'm forgetting but you get the idea!  Lot's of changes. 
Thank you, LuAnn. 
Love and big hugs to you for honoring  you, me and the loving support of change and processing in my life and possibly yours too."



"I just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed your visit on Monday. I've already started moving things around as per your advice! I'm beginning to feel more energized. 

I look forward to hearing from you, I have a feeling we will meet again! thanks for all your advice , I'm off to buy a fountain for my foyer!

Thanks again,"






My Synchro-Alignment With LuAnn 

 "Ow!  Everything is out of whack.  Nothing works properly.  It actually hurts

Maybe it's time to see the chiropractor?

No, that won't do me any good.  The pain and misalignment is not in my body but my spirit.  I needed a different kind of adjustment and LuAnn Cibik has just the kind of treatment I needed.

Using oracle cards and guided meditation, LuAnn helped me overcome blockages and heal past hurts.  Not only did she help me to discover my potential and ambitions, but she helped me find my tools and map out my path so that I can live my life the way I deserve!

I highly recommend this service - Your spirit will soar!

My soul journey session was amazing! What I liked best was that I was guided to find my own way rather than being led.  I have never had so much energy and clarity. 

 I am now seeing what can be rather than what can't!"

 Dirce Johnson







"I learned so much again this past Friday when we explored my life.  Afterwards, I started thinking about possible parallels between that life and this one. Yes, there are some!

One other thing--my breathing has been quite good since last Friday. Even the dust from cleaning the cat litter boxes didn't bother me yesterday!  Releasing that past life memory, though, made me feel so much lighter and the feeling has remained since then. It will be interesting to see how things go in the weeks ahead!

Thanks once again for all your help!"