"Stepping into the role of the Shaman"

You spend 1/4 of your life asleep. It does not mean you are lazy!. In fact, sleep is an essential part of the human experience for physical and emotional health.


Sleeping is a time when your physical body can rest and recharge. However, your soul can do very special things during this quiet time.

Ancient peoples all over the world used dreamtime to gain messages and insight to important decisions in their lives.


Would you like to tap into this divine right? Are you ready to step through the gateway, into the role of the Shaman?


Dream Coaching

Each week, in the privacy of your home you will be lead on a step by step process of utilizing those gift and powers that you have been born with. We all have the ability to dream, and use those dreams to learn, and experience life at a more profound level.


During the course of this 6 week program you will learn:

  • Tips and ancient processes to remember your dreams, to sleep better, and enjoy the process of dreaming both at night and during the day

  • Learn to Program your dreams to gain guidance and solutions

  • Create a bedroom that as in ancient time, becomes that sacred space to honor the wise ones ability to dream powerful dreams

  • Meet your dream guide and guardian, and your dream shield symbol to help protect you during dream time

  • Heal your body or the body of others while you sleep

  • Astral travel to visit those in far away places.

  • Help you believe YOU do INDEED have this ability to step into the role of the shaman

There will be a weekly online lecture and opportunity for you to ask me  can ask questions or share your experiences via email.


There will be online goodies, such as:

  • Special nighttime guided dream journeys, recorded by Denise Linn, to only be used by Gateway Dream coaches and our students.

  • Gorgeous meditation pictures to print out and have next to your bedside for use in programming your dreams each night.

  • A downloadable workbook and dream journal to record your nighttime travels and information.


This special program is only $125 for 6 weeks of coaching and adventure.


Step into your role as the Shaman...


You can email me at LuAnn@inner-harmony.org to register and pay by check, or you can conveniently use the paypal button below. 




If you are interested in a Dream Coaching session, dream interpretation, either  in person or via phone call, please contact me at LuAnn@inner-harmony.org



You are encouraged to

purchase Denise's book

The Hidden Power of your Dreams

to support your work in this course.

It has an excellent

Dream dictionary, plus so much more




Dreams are for more than interpretation.

Dreams are a way to travel,

to learn, to connect.

LuAnn is a Certified

Gateway Dreaming Coach.



"Thank you LuAnn,

for once again sharing your knowledge with us! 


It was a great course, and very cool to get back in touch with the dream world!

 ~ Lori"