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Do you believe in Reincarnation?

Even if you don't, or are not sure, I believe that the soul lives forever, and that we visit this earth in many lifetimes, in order to learn more, experience more, and be a better soul at the end of each life.


I don't believe that bad things happen to you as punishment for previous lifetime sins, but I don think that things you did in past times could come back to 'haunt' you in this lifetime.


Imagine that there was a wrong that you never righted before you passed on... in this lifetime you might feel compelled to right that wrong in some way.


Perhaps in a past lifetime you had issues with money... perhaps had a vow of poverty, or you were actually very wealth but the wealth caused you much anguish in other ways (maybe someone harmed you for it), then this could shape the way you subconsciously feel about money in this lifetime.


By exploring your past lives, you can learn much about the way you react and deal with present problems or blockages in this life.  In as little as one past lie session your could unveil powerful information to assist you with this life's problems.


Another ways to work with past lives is finding a past lifetime where you conquered the kind of fear or issue you are dealing with now. Using information about this time in your present life cane strength your ability to overcome these issues.


Sound interesting? please contact me at LuAnn@inner-harmony.org to schedule your past life session. We can work in person, or even over the phone or through Skype. It could be one of the most revealing hours of your present life.





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LuAnn is a Certified

Past Life Coach.