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Find More Joy in Your Life

  If you are perfectly happy with your life,

then read no further.


But.... if you desire something more, something different,

then consider working with me

to create the life of your dreams.

I offer several services that can assist you in creating the life of your dreams.

  • Soul Coaching Programs and Single Session Services; These 1.5 private single service sessions can include Soul Journeys to meet your spirit guide, tap into your wise self, connect with the energy of your home, or other ways to step into your wisdom and joy;, Soul Coaching Oracle Card readings for new approaches to life challenges, Past Life Journeys to discover what current life issues have their root in the past, or even making an item of Intention Jewelry together, to bless and empower it with the energy you want in your life.

  • Gateway Dreaming - Learn how to use your dreams for inspiration and wisdom, to program them to receive messages; astral travel, and gain the power of lucid dreaming. We also work on feng shui techniques to create a bedroom of safe dreams and empowered living.

  • Business Mentoring - With a Holistic approach! Using the Laws of Attraction, Soul Coaching techniques and feng shui.

  • Guidance from Guides - Oracles Card Reading

  • Past Life Journeys - Learn what happened in the past that is affecting your life now

My Synchro-Alignment With LuAnn 

 "Ow!  Everything is out of whack.  Nothing works properly.  It actually hurts

Maybe it's time to see the chiropractor?

No, that won't do me any good.  The pain and misalignment is not in my body but my spirit.  I needed a different kind of adjustment and LuAnn Cibik has just the kind of treatment I needed.

Using oracle cards and guided meditation, LuAnn helped me overcome blockages and heal past hurts.  Not only did she help me to discover my potential and ambitions, but she helped me find my tools and map out my path so that I can live my life the way I deserve!

I highly recommend this service - Your spirit will soar!

My soul journey session was amazing! What I liked best was that I was guided to find my own way rather than being led.  I have never had so much energy and clarity. 

 I am now seeing what can be rather than what can't!"

 Dirce Johnson