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 Interior Alignment Feng Shui and Healthy Home

~ Align Your Home and Heart  ~


Have you ever felt as if you were  out of sync with yourself?


That your body and your mind didn't communicate?


That you life was disorganized?


That nothing seemed to go as smoothly as it should?

All of these problem can exist because of an imbalance between your self and your environment. Whether this imbalance is affecting your health, your energy, or you mental focus, proper adjustment using the principals of Feng Shui can help.


Feng Shui principals recognize the influence of nature and energy in the environment. You and I work as a team, and we discover what is in your home or office that is not in alignment with your life's dreams, goals, values or esthetics.  You can have a beautiful space that still does not contain the symbolism or energy that you need to success, feel vibrant, or be uplifted.


Part of our process might be to remove and/or organize the objects in their home so that they feel honored, and you feel organized and calm.


Part of our process might be to identify the objects that diminish your energy, and shift them to their perfect space, or find them a new home.


We use objects you love to uplift and support you.


If there is little in your space you love or that identifies that this space is for YOU, we may also look ad adding objects, colors, texture, art or symbols that reflect your goals and dreams.


We use color, scent, sounds, symbolism, shapes, and the concepts of how energy moves through a space; what makes it move fast, what makes it slow down, what causes it to get stuck. We may work with the traditional type of enhancements (mirrors, crystals, plants), but also use other subtle methods, to change the energy of a space. Each of these conditions affects the people who live or work in this space.


Healthy Home consultation services takes a look at the 21st century influences on your home ( electronics, chemicals, air quality, sound, etc) to educate you on what could be diminishing your health and vitality, and information on what you can do to remediate the situation. This also include dowsing of your home for earth energy lines that could be compromising your body, EMF readings on the areas you spend much time in, and air quality readings for pollens and dust levels. This is a perfect consultation for those with health issues, and those with children in the home.


Once changes are made, we use Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™, the process to remove stagnant energy forces from a building, house blessings, and other ceremonies to consecrate spaces.





If this sounds like the kind of career you would like to have, visit my

Feng Shui School website

 for information on how you too can become an Interior Alignment Practitioner.


I currently offer Feng Shui and Sacred Space services to both Residential and Commercial clients, here in the Pittsburgh area, and Distance Consultations These can include both feng shui and space clearing.


I would love to hear from you.


Please tell me about your home and your story today, and find out how I can help!

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