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Congratulate yourself.....

            for investigating ways to make your life sweeter and easier

                                                   and more harmonious!

I named my company Inner Harmony, with my goal for every client is to ultimately provide them with INNER HARMONY!

My workshops, classes, consultations and even my website services reflect this ultimate goal, and my utmost pleasure.

I have been a Feng Shui practitioner for over 12 years, with certification in Interior Alignment and background in Chinese form and compass school Feng Shui, as well as Tibetan Black Hat Feng Shui and many other ancient environmental practices. 

I am very proud of my certification in Instinctive Feng Shui through Denise Linn, as this ties all my other training together in a manner which most fully assists my clients in achieving maximum potential in use of feng shui. For more information on my background, click here.

I consider working with people and their homes a very sacred honor and privilege. I truly believe that your home should be a home for your soul. Being allowed in this honored space, and allowed to suggested enhancements or insight is something I don't take lightly. Every consultation is kept in utmost confidentially.

I offer personal Feng Shui consultations, and also personal space clearing and space blessing ceremonies. I work in private homes as well as commercial and business settings. People are always interested in what a feng shui consultation is like.

There are many types of feng shui, and many types of consultations. What I have developed, allows us both to get the most from the experience. 

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A typical FULL consultation has three phases:


both of us have some preparation work to do! 

I will send you a questionnaire  to help me discover important information about yourself, the other people in your home, and about your home itself. Once this is returned, I prepare a Chinese astrological profile and a western astrological profile for all household members in conjunction with the home. 

I then analyze the floor plan you submit using several Feng Shui methods for basic information about the home and it’s energetic influences.



is the actual on-site consultation. 

This generally takes about two hours, and involves touring the home, noting colors, objects, furnishing, exterior influences, symbols, and Qi flow.

We will discuss the basic energetic influences on your home, and the major concerns that can be addressed using Feng Shui.

At this time we may also use techniques such as guided visualizations to help clarify the true needs of you and your home at this time.

We will review the main points of potential and influence, with an understanding of why these changes can be helpful and expected outcomes.



I return to my office, and prepare a consultation report 

This report outlines the recommended changes, in a step by step program. 

I will send you a copy of this report. I encourage everyone to call me with follow-up questions.

I also like to check back with people about 3 months post consult to see how their changes in their environment have impacted their lives.


The price for the full consultation varies based on your location

in the Western Pennsylvania area.


As a final FOURTH Step, I can return to provide a Space Clearing, to cleanse and reset the the energy of your space. This is optimally after you have made some of the changes I will suggest. I will show you how to keep the energy of your space clear, and energized for the intentions you wish.

I also offer other levels of consultation services.

For example, a two hour site visit and in-depth discussion on a particular aspect of your home and current life goals consultation

(without a follow up report) is also available, at a discounted rate.

If you are looking for an in-depth analysis of every room and aspect of your home, this can also be arranged. This  service would include written floor plan recommendations, color palettes, astrological implications, Synchro-Alignment sessions, and space clearing/house blessing services for a fee based on the square footage of your property.

And I also offer simple one hour consultations to focus in on one room or one life area that your wish to have feng shui help applied.

I would be honored if you chose me to create the home of your dreams, and the home for your soul!

Find your Inner Harmony!

Distance consultations also available via phone or internet

Please contact me at 724-316-2428 or email me at luannmarie@juno.com

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