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The Oracle.....

The word Oracle evokes the time of the Greeks, where the Oracles of Delphi would find answers to questions that their petitioners would ask.

Our lives are very different now... and connecting to that world of intuition is not as valued by the masses as in the past.

Oracle card readings are different from Tarot card readings in that they are not an attempt to foretell your future, but to offer your guidance on approach to problems or questions in your life.  Oracle cards offer insight and guidance, and I love the uplifting messages.

I believe we all have free will to make our choices, but if you have the wisdom of your guides, your angels, your helpers in the other dimensions ( call them what you will!), you can approach situations with a different mind, and perhaps create a different outcome!

I offer readings privately, in person at my office, or via the phone.  I have many oracle decks, and part of my process in reading for you is in choosing the deck that I feel will contain the message just right for you. These readings are done in sacred space, honoring the energy of my guides, as they connect with those who watch over you.

Via Phone or IN-person

If you would like to schedule a Live reading ( in person or on the phone), appointments are either a 1/2 hour ($55) or an hour ($105). We will do one or more spreads during this time, and also some guided journey work into the meaning of the information, and integrating this into your life. Please call me to schedule an appointment at 724-316-2428.


If you would like to request a written reading, you can email me, with your question, and the type of reading ( see below), and I will email you a written report that you can refer back to.

Types of Emailed Readings:

Simple situation or message from loved one:

One Card - $10

Question about a situation and action needed: 

3 card spread - $25

In-depth answer to question or situation:

6 card spread - $35

Chakra reading - used to cleanse and clear issues in all aspects of your life

7 card reading - $45

Medicine Wheel - Information for the upcoming year. While not predicating the events of the year, this offers your information of making the most of how to approach each month.

13 cards - $85

To request your readings, please email me at


along with your question and the number of card spread/type of reading. I will invoice you via paypal to make payment easy, and then email you your reading once this is received. While I am in the office most days, please allow 3 days to receive your reading.



I am also available for group functions, however, please do not consider this a party game. Group rates are $125 for an hour, with $75 for each additional hour. ( Note: I will take a 5 minute break each hour!)


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