t has been my joy to work with people and their homes providing Feng Shui and sacred space services at a distance. I have worked with people all over the world.

I am a Master Educator of Feng Shui and Sacred Space, and have worked professionally as a consultant  since 1999. Using distanced based consultations is a powerful method that can provide just the assistance you need!


Long Distance Consultations are done via the internet and the phone.

Enjoy the power of a personal and professional service without having a stranger in your home, at a very special recession-buster price to get you flowing with abundance and happiness!



for Abundance and Joy in your Home



to clear negativity and fear



to create your new intentions


























 A Long Distance Feng Shui consultation with LuAnn Cibik, MEIA, CSC

IThere are many reasons to choose having a distance based feng shui consultation or clearing.  You might:

  • Not want to have a stranger in your home
  • May have others in your home who would not appreciate having a consultation
  • May not live near a consultant that you feel a connection to
  • Might not feel comfortable with the current condition of your home and embarrassed for someone to see it


How a Distance Feng Shui Consultation does is work?

An off-site analysis provides the same expert attention to detail as an on-site visit using traditional Feng Shui information.   Essentially you will be my assistant on reviewing your home.

We start with a detailed questionnaire that I email or fax you where you provide an accurate current floor plan, information about the home and your life,  birth data of all occupants, your current goals and life issues. I would also love to see photographs detailing the layout and current furniture arrangement.

When I receive your information, we will schedule time for a phone consultation - I'll call you - no long distance charges for calls within the United States
( for calls outside the US, we will determine our best method for calls, potentially Skype). 

Prior to our conversation, I will review your information and have a plan ready to discuss with you, including information about your home's numerological influences, your astrological connection to your home, the home's current energy balance. I will also connect with the spirit of your home, and using shamanic methods clear and work with your space prior to our conversation. This help initiate the process of change.

During our one and a half hour phone conference,  we will deepen your connection to your home energetically through a guided visualization process, assess the best places to makes shifts and changes to impact your current life issues, and create a plan of changes you can easily make to your environment based on your current budget and energy level. 

After our call, I'll be emailing you a packet of information to inspire you on your Feng Shui journey of change.

After a few weeks, I'll check back with you on your progress, and to see if I can be of further assistance, as wonderful changes occur in your life.

How a Distance Space Clearing and Blessing works?

A distance space clearing is like sending distance healing energy to your home or office, and communicating with the essence of your home to find out what messages it has for you, or what energy it's holding that needs to be released.

You might wish to consider this when you have had issues in the home ( anger, violence, depression, etc) but having someone actually physical be in the home to clear the space would cause more problems. This can also be a powerful way to clear the energy of a home your are trying to sell, without involving a trip to the home, especially if you are no longer in that area.

This process starts with a questionnaire that helps me understand what has gone on in the space in the past, and what intentions you now hold.  I will need a floor plan of the home, as well as the address.

We will have a brief phone conversation to align our purposes ( so I understand exactly what intention you want infused into the home).

Then I will work from my sacred space, using shamanistic methods to connect with the energy of your home, the land and nature spirits around your home, and even the objects within it, to release, move and instill the new energy desired. I will also gather messages from your home about situations or objects that need hands on attention.

We will then have a follow-up phone call with information for you on what I discovered, and what you home wants you to know.


Because I believe that everyone should have the information available to lead a happier more fulfilled life, supported by their environment and empowered by Feng Shui.

Email me for details on price ( based on size of space, number of people involved in the consultation, and whether we are working on one particular issue or a full analysis of the home or office space)

Once we agree to work together  I'll email or snail/mail you the detailed questionnaire for you to complete that will help me in doing the best distance based consultation for YOU! We will also establish the date and time of your phone consultation.


I love sharing this powerful information that can and will change your life. There has never been a more important time in history for people to use the power of intention to improve the quality of their life.


What you receive in a full consultation:


* 1.5 hour consultation that includes:

         a Synchro-Alignment process to connect to your home's essence

         Mini Soul Coaching session to focus on a key area of your life to be enhanced.


* Specific enhancements and adjustments to your space will be given with an emailed

        10 step action plan for creating change in your life.


* Specific astrological information for you (and family members) based on western astrology and indicating your specific areas of the house where feng shui enhancements and adjustments can make the most impact for you.


* Remote space clearing, of your home and property, complete with certificate of clearing, to be kept in your home to assist with the new intentions to be held in the space.


* Healthy Home information, so that you can check your environment and the products used in your home to verify that your living spaces are as vibrant and toxin free as possible!





This is a question many people ask. The answer is 'NO"


The changes we will discuss will be DO-ABLE!!  It does not take hundreds or thousands of dollars in remodeling costs to make effective adjustments to your environment.


It will take some work and dedication on YOUR part to do the hands on process.  But know, that with each item clutter cleared, each object placed in it's position of power, each symbol arranged to empower your goals and dreams, you will feel better, stronger and have the energy to do an accomplish even more.





Additional consultations can be scheduled at a reduced rate of $75 an hour. Why would you need one? As your primary goals begin to manifest, and you are ready to activate other areas of you life, we can pickup again, and more to another area of your home and life to concentrate on. Since we have worked together before, we can jump in easily to create more magic in your life.


I can't wait to hear from you!