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Blessings & Ceremony

Blessings and Ceremony have been used for thousands of years by mankind in order to set the energy of a space. It is only in modern times that we have overlooked the importance in shifting the energy and intention of a space.

The blessings and ceremony I conduct are spiritual, and base on your religious preference. I call upon the angels of the 4 directions, the energy of the natural elements and whatever deities or spiritual guides you want to have watch over and bless your home.

Why have a Blessing and Ceremony?

Setting new intentions for your life, or rededicating the use of a space from one purpose to another (changing  a bedroom from one person to another's use, shifting a bedroom into an office, or moving into an entire new home); A changing life patterns (new baby, death in a family, divorce) are all also reasons to have a house blessing.

Essential Space Clearing (as this system was called in Europe and is known as Elemental Space Clearing here in the USA,)  uses the energy of the plant kingdom through essential oils, incense and resins, along with your own body through the use of mudras and gestures to  make powerful changes in your own body, that then rippled through your space.

Hand and body postures have long been known to hold a power. This effective form of space clearing is one that I offer to clients who want to actively participate in their space clearing and blessing in order to continue to keep their space clean and clear.

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Essential Space Clearing uses intention, movement, and the unseen properties of air ( through the use of scent and smoke) to shift the energy of each room, and also those performing the clearing.

As a part of of your Essential Space Clearing  session you will receive your own custom oil blend that I have designed to create the energy you desire in your space.

Everyone participating the the space clearing will have their energy cleared  using of of several clearing methods ( chosen based on the type of clearing being done)

It would be my honor to uplift the energy of your space. I also provide Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing, that works with the energy of the four directions, mother earth and father sky, and the great spirit that unites us all.



Please contact me at 724-316-2428 or email me at luann@inner-harmony.org  for details.