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Inner Harmony Makeover.

~ with Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator LuAnn Cibik ~

The concept of a makeover is that someone with an outside perspective assists another to  shift and transform what they cannot see or change for themselves,

allow their true essence to shine through!

Why would you need an INNER HARMONY MAKEOVER?

If you feel stuck, sad, angry, lack motivation, feel joy-less, or just know that you are not living to your true and full potential. 

An Inner Harmony Makeover is not like those embarrassing makeover shows on television. There is nothing demeaning about this process.

Have a pampering day filled with feng shui tips for your home and wardrobe; take a soul journey to unlock a secret about yourself; a clearing of your personal energy field, and an oracle read reading to give you guidance on moving forward.

This uplifting process is to allow you to uncover your true potential, through Soul Coaching® processes, then using that information we look at your home and/or office space, and shift what we need to create an alignment with your true goals, needs and desires.

We then also can look at your wardrobe, your jewelry or anything else that you have around you to assure that you are uplifted to the highest potential.  When finished, your will know what wardrobe items will uplift your essence, allowing you to feel in your true power everyday!

This customized service is a complete day of nurturing and uplifting information. Currently for those in the Western Pennsylvania area. Additional days can be scheduled to assist with re-design services, shopping experiences, and other Feng Shui makeover fun!



Please contact me at 724-316-2428 or email me at luann@inner-harmony.org  for details.

Sessions can be scheduled in my office, or at your location.