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The Seven Star Method of Space Clearing.

The concept of Space Clearing is the practice of clearing residual emotional energy or the energy or entities from a space.

Why would you need a Space Clearing service?

Any time you wish to clear a pattern of old behavior, the energy from arguments, illness, death, or have changed goals;  is a great time to clear and reset the energy of a space. Moving into a new home, changing life patterns (new baby, death in a family, divorce) are all also reasons to have a space clearing or house blessing.

The Seven Star method of space clearing uses various energy clearing techniques including sounds, scent, water, and intention and prayer to shift the old energy pattern out, and to reset the new pattern of energy to be that with you new wish. I will show you how to maintain this new energy pattern in your space, with clearing techniques. You may also wish to have a feng shui consultation as well to shift your environment to be as support to this new pattern as possible.

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing honors the energy of the four directions, of Mother earth and Father sky, and of Great Spirit. However, this is not a religious, but simply acknowledging these ancient energy prototypes. Your own spiritual practice can be incorporated into the blessing and prayer.

As a part of of your Sever Star Blessing Space Clearing session you will receive your own custom oil blend that I have designed to create the energy you desire in your space.

Everyone participating the the space clearing will have their energy cleared  using of of several clearing methods ( chosen based on the type of clearing being done)

It would be my honor to uplift the energy of your space. I also provide Essential Space Clearing, that involves you at a deeper level, by teaching you how to clear your space using oils, incense and mudras.


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